215: $300M in Apartments & Live 100! (w/ JASON YARUSI!)

In this episode, we spotlight Jason Yarusi, a mastermind in multifamily real estate and a paragon of personal excellence. As a private fund manager, he oversees a staggering $245 million in multifamily real estate. Since 2017, his enterprise, Yarusi Holdings, has grown an impressive portfolio, acquiring over 2300 apartment units. But Jason’s achievements stretch far beyond the realms of finance and real estate.

An ultra-runner and workout aficionado, Jason embodies a spirit of endurance and strength. His discipline is further exemplified by his routine, rising daily at 4:32 am, a testament to his dedication not just to his profession but to a lifestyle of rigor and purpose.

Yet, at the heart of his endeavors lies his role as a devoted father to three incredible children and a loving husband. His family life provides a grounding force, balancing his professional ambition with personal fulfillment.

As an active real estate syndicator and investor, Jason, alongside his wife Pili, has founded Yarusi Holdings. Their firm is not just a business, but a transformative force in the real estate sector, repositioning properties through strategic operational enhancements, renovations, and rebranding.

Beyond the metrics of his professional success, Jason also shares his expertise through the 7 Figure Multifamily Mastermind and the Multifamily Live Club, guiding over 3,100 members in the intricacies of multifamily investing. His website, www.7figuremultifamily.com, stands as a beacon for those aspiring to replicate his success.

Residing in Tennessee with his wife Pili and their children, Luke, Lily, and Leo, Jason’s life is a blend of unwavering professional commitment and enriching personal relationships, making his story not just one of financial triumph, but of holistic success and inspiration.

Learn More Here: https://Live-100.com


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