218: How to Build a Virtual Empire! (w/ JOHN LEWIS!)

In this enlightening episode, listeners are treated to an intimate conversation with John Lewis, famously known as the Athletic CEO. A former Division One athlete with dreams of NBA stardom, Lewis’s journey took an unexpected turn when he was faced with the stark reality of his athletic aspirations not panning out as planned. At this critical juncture, a mentor stepped into his life, a successful businessperson with earnings of a hundred thousand a week, setting Lewis on a new, transformative path.

Lewis opens up about the trials and tribulations he faced as he transitioned from sports to the entrepreneurial realm, founding Virtual Legacy, a testament to his resilience and innovative spirit. He shares harrowing business experiences that shaped his outlook and the moment of clarity when he recognized that his true calling extended beyond the basketball court.

Listeners will be captivated by Lewis’s approach to sales, deeply rooted in authenticity and a sportsman’s tenacity, which he adeptly translates into his business practices. The significance of mentorship is a recurring theme throughout the episode, as Lewis underscores the transformative impact a mentor can have on one’s career trajectory. He passionately advocates for building strong connections and how pivotal they are in achieving success.

The episode also delves into Lewis’s Real Estate Mentorship Program, providing a glimpse into how direct guidance and support can catalyze professional growth and success. He shares valuable insights into his foray into the short-term rental market, highlighting how mentorship and a strategic approach have been instrumental in his success in this arena.

Listeners are invited to join this compelling dialogue with John Lewis, the Athletic CEO, and discover the power of mentorship, authenticity, and relentless perseverance in the pursuit of success. This episode is not just a narrative of Lewis’s journey but a beacon of inspiration for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of life and business with courage and determination.

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