221: What Is Your Business Worth? (w/ JORDI PUJOL!)

In this podcast episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Jordi Pujol, a prominent figure in the realm of financial advisory and valuation. Jordi stands at the forefront of Objective, Investment Banking & Valuation as a Director, where he plays a pivotal role in steering the firm’s Valuation Advisory Services Practice. His responsibilities are not confined to just local endeavors in Los Angeles, California; Jordi extends his expertise to a wide array of clients throughout the United States, ensuring their diverse needs are met with precision and care.

Before his current tenure at Objective, Jordi Pujol made significant strides as a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young (EY), within their Corporate Finance sector under Strategy and Transactions. There, he delved into the intricate worlds of Technology and Healthcare, focusing on valuations for sectors such as enterprise software, healthtech, medtech, and biotech. These valuations were critical for a range of purposes including transactions, financial reporting, and strategic decision-making, showcasing Jordi’s versatile skill set and deep industry insight.

Jordi’s professional journey is underpinned by more than a decade of experience in financial modeling, covering an extensive array of engagements from financial reporting to tax opinions and intangible asset valuations. His expertise spans across a multitude of valuation services, including but not limited to business valuations, purchase price allocations, and goodwill impairment testing. Jordi’s educational background is just as impressive, with a Bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College, a Masters in Finance from EGADE Business School, and an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. As a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder, Jordi’s insights and contributions to the financial community, especially in Los Angeles, are of immense value.

For More Info: https://objectiveibv.com


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