222: Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats! (w/ LAURA BELL MAIN!)

Laura Bell Main is a seasoned software developer, engaging storyteller, and adept application security specialist, known for her unique contribution to the security community. Her journey began as an apprentice software developer at 17, evolving through roles that include writing critical software for CERN and tackling technical counter-terrorism for the UK Government. She founded SafeStack, transitioning from a security consultant to leading an application security education platform, aiding companies in integrating security into their software development lifecycles effectively.

In addition to her professional achievements, Laura has made significant contributions to cybersecurity education through founding In2securITy and co-authoring notable books like “Agile Application Security” and “Security for Everyone”. Her insights are frequently shared in publications like Forbes and she is a recognized figure on the speaking circuit, including BlackHat USA and RenderATL.

Beyond her professional life, Laura resides in New Zealand with her family, indulging in hobbies like reading epic fantasy, restoring old treasures, and macro photography. An introvert at heart, she’s mastered the art of extroversion, captivating audiences with her calming voice and storytelling prowess, despite her aversion to being photographed.

For More Info: https://www.laurabellmain.com/


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