226: 7 Figures SalesGirls Strategies! (w/ MACY MCNEELY!)

Macy McNeely‘s journey from post-grad uncertainty to becoming a co-founder and co-CEO of GUIDE Culture is a testament to the transformative power of belief and dedication. After completing her college education, Macy found herself at a crossroads, with aspirations of family life but an immediate reality that led her to a placeholder job. It was in this phase of her life that she discovered the monumental impact that a well-structured sales and leadership training could have not just on her career, but on her life as a whole. The teachings that her father, Loy Day, had developed and refined over three decades for his insurance staff, which Macy had been exposed to but never fully embraced, suddenly became the cornerstone of her professional revival.

The shift in Macy’s career trajectory was nothing short of dramatic. By wholeheartedly adopting the principles that would later become the foundation of GUIDE Culture, Macy not only witnessed a significant upturn in her own business ventures but also saw a remarkable improvement in her clients’ success rates and an enhanced level of engagement on platforms like Instagram. The realization that these principles could serve as a catalyst for success for others as well led Macy and her father to establish GUIDE Culture. Their mission was clear: to redefine the landscape of sales by making it appealing and accessible, thereby enabling business owners to achieve their desired outcomes without resorting to guesswork.

Macy’s philosophy revolves around the notion that life is an intricate series of sales transactions, and mastering the art of sales is akin to mastering the art of life. With a deep-seated passion for empowering others, Macy is dedicated to helping business owners and their teams elevate their sales game, attract quality clients, and foster cultures that resonate with impact and purpose. Her journey from skepticism to leadership in the business world underscores a fundamental truth: with the right mindset and tools, transformative growth is within reach. Through GUIDE Culture, Macy McNeely continues to inspire and equip individuals to take control of their destinies, one sale at a time.

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