227: Post-Pandemic Leadership! (w/ JIM BISHOP!)

In this episode, we explore Jim Bishop’s journey from a successful 25-year corporate career, where he excelled in team building and leadership, to a moment of self-reflection that reshaped his life. Despite his achievements, including running 20,000 hours of global leadership programs, Jim faced the challenge of bureaucratic inefficiencies and personal sacrifices, particularly affecting his family and community roles.

A critical point in a hotel room led Jim to reassess his life’s direction, feeling stretched thin and disconnected. Choosing to focus on what truly mattered, Jim transformed his approach to life and work, integrating coaching into his professional and personal life, which rejuvenated his career and relationships.

In 2020, observing changing employee expectations amid global shifts, Jim founded Conjunction Leadership to extend his coaching expertise beyond corporate boundaries. Certified by renowned institutions, Jim’s coaching combines scientific methods with creativity, promoting self-discovery and growth among leaders.

Outside of work, Jim’s life in Indiana revolves around his family, including five children, a love for Purdue Boilermakers, farm life, an active lifestyle, and a continuous pursuit of knowledge through books and podcasts. Jim’s story highlights the significance of prioritizing and embracing change.

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