231: Build a 7 Figures + Empire Powered by VA’s! (w/ JOE RARE!)

In this episode, we meet Joe Rare, the low-key yet highly influential founder of Level 9 Virtual. Since hiring his first virtual assistant in 2008, Joe has pioneered a service that not only enhances the efficiency of businesses worldwide but also fundamentally changes the lives of business owners. Level 9 Virtual stands out in a crowded market by refusing to compromise on quality. Instead of the typical low-cost, inexperienced virtual assistants that many other services offer, Joe’s company provides highly trained professionals who are matched to clients through a proprietary Personality and Skills Profile Match system, ensuring optimal alignment with business needs.

With a commitment to freeing business owners from the confines of day-to-day operations, Joe’s approach allows them to focus on growth and innovation. This freedom transforms not just businesses but the personal lives of entrepreneurs, giving them time back for family and leisure. The podcast delves into how Level 9 Virtual avoids common pitfalls in the industry, such as the lack of loyalty and high turnover associated with cheaper virtual assistants. Joe also highlights his company’s ongoing support and advanced training opportunities for virtual assistants, which keep them on the cutting edge of business needs.

Listen in to learn how Joe Rare and Level 9 Virtual are making it possible for business owners to work less, achieve more, and elevate their operations to new heights.

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