232: 7 Figures Networking! (w/ BERNIE FRANZGROTE!)

Bernie Franzgrote, co-founder of Kreativ Insight and a renowned Synergy Architect, has established himself as a pivotal figure in the business community. With a unique ability to connect diverse areas of expertise, Bernie works with businesses to explore innovative links and ideas. His entrepreneurial and management skills, combined with a broad business network, have allowed him to strategically align resources and services, benefiting not-for-profit and community-based clients. One of his notable achievements includes his work for the Ottawa Hospital, where he optimized commercial property spaces, resulting in over $17M in institutional net profits.

Bernie’s career spans 36 years in Business Development within a large corporate institution, where he honed his ability to stay on budget while generating substantial revenue. His conceptual agility and collaborative approach were essential in achieving these successes. Today, Bernie applies these same skills to assist others, emphasizing the importance of relationships and collaboration in achieving significant business successes. As a synergy architect, he connects businesses with the right resources, helping to launch new products and services effectively.

In addition to his work with Kreativ Insight, Bernie is a familiar voice on the Knack 4 Business podcast series, where he shares insights and stories from the business world. Known for his outgoing and friendly demeanor, Bernie is an effective communicator who simplifies complex systems into understandable concepts. His persistence in problem-solving ensures that no avenue is left unexplored, making him a valuable asset to any business endeavor.

Bernie’s passion for networking and humor is evident in his interactions, whether he’s enjoying a good scotch or engaging in humorous dialogue. His dedication to helping others extend their reach from one to many is reflected in his affiliations with various organizations, including Phoenix Business Exchange, Grand Connection, World Referral Network, and TiE Ottawa. Through these connections, Bernie provides access to a wide range of resources, from IT services to venture capital opportunities, ensuring his clients can achieve their business goals.

Bernie’s commitment to social enterprises, non-profits, and conventional businesses alike underscores his aim to cultivate a robust social return on investment. He supports ecological initiatives, sustainable development goals, and innovative advertising platforms, continually seeking to create positive impacts within the business community. To stay updated with Bernie’s latest endeavors, join the LinkedIn communities at Kreativ Insight and Knack 4 Business.

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