233: Using Authentic Leadership to Build Your Empire! (w/ JESSE HERNANDEZ!)

Jesse Hernandez, born and raised on the Southside of San Antonio, Texas, is a prominent figure in the construction industry and a dedicated advocate for careers in the trades. His diverse career, ranging from grading ditches to counseling executives, has given him a profound understanding that people share more similarities than differences. Jesse uses these insights to guide professionals in self-discovery and help them expand their influence within their communities and careers. As a lifelong San Antonian, SAISD alumnus, and second-generation plumber, he is committed to enhancing the image of trades careers with a message centered on contribution, ownership, and vulnerability, evident through his podcast “Learnings and Missteps,” his online platform “No BS with Jen & Jess,” and the “Lean Calabosessions.”

Jesse’s extensive experience includes working with construction teams across the country, participating in both small and mega projects, and collaborating with trade and general contractors. These experiences have brought him into contact with hundreds of construction leaders, where he observed that leaders who adopt a people-centered approach achieve business results that most construction professionals can only dream of. This realization has driven Jesse’s commitment to increasing the number of leaders who demonstrate genuine appreciation for everyone they interact with, thereby surpassing their peers in career growth and earning potential.

In addition to his leadership development efforts, Jesse supports organizations in building systems and processes that nurture such leaders. These organizations, in turn, excel by earning preferred pricing and performance from their trade contractors, retaining talent, and providing reliable delivery to their clients. His mission is to equip construction leaders with the mindset and methods to improve business outcomes while fostering deep and meaningful relationships.

Through his work, Jesse continues to influence and inspire current and future leaders in the construction industry. His dedication to enhancing the image of trades careers and promoting a people-centered leadership approach makes him a vital contributor to the industry.

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