235: The YES Test! (w/ BRIAN GREGORY!)

Brian Gregory is the innovative creator behind The YES! TEST, a groundbreaking tool designed for small businesses, media firms, consultants, and marketing agencies. With over two decades of experience in publishing, advertising, and agency work, Gregory has honed his expertise in identifying the emotional formulas that drive brand success. His tool provides a swift, five-minute analysis of any business, revealing how to utilize primal emotions to boost sales significantly. This free analysis has become a game-changer for many, offering valuable insights that align with the emotional triggers that compel customers to say “yes.”

Gregory’s achievements with The YES! TEST are nothing short of remarkable. He leveraged this tool as a lead magnet to catapult himself from relative obscurity to the #2 Nationally Ranked Local Business Person of the Year on Alignable®, a prominent business platform with over 8 million members. In just four weeks, he increased his connections by 41% and boosted sales by over 50%, earning more votes and testimonials than any other participant in the seven-week contest period. This rapid rise highlights the power of The YES! TEST in fostering brand loyalty and business growth.

The success story of Gregory and The YES! TEST underscores the importance of giving and using effective lead generation tools. Prior to his victory, Gregory was not a prominent figure on Alignable®. However, his approach of freely offering The YES! TEST to his network generated significant goodwill and support, leading to an unexpected but well-deserved recognition. This strategy, combined with Alignable’s networking features, allowed him to compete against much more established members and emerge victorious.

Gregory’s commitment to helping small businesses extends beyond personal accolades. His company, ADMANITY®, aims to distribute The YES! TEST on a massive scale, empowering businesses to understand and apply the emotional strategies that drive success. By offering this tool freely, Gregory hopes to transform the marketing and advertising landscape, making it easier for businesses to connect with their audiences on a deeper, more emotional level. This vision reflects his belief that understanding and leveraging emotions is key to achieving lasting business growth.

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