236: Why Cash Flow Forecasting is King! (w/ JOHN HANNUM!)

John Hannum’s journey in business began early, working in his parents’ businesses where he witnessed firsthand the risks and hard work required to succeed as entrepreneurs. This early exposure instilled in him a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit and the dedication necessary to thrive in the business world.

Realizing his aptitude for numbers and systems, John pursued degrees and certifications in finance, equipping himself with the knowledge to make a significant impact. He embarked on a corporate career in finance and operations, contributing to companies that experienced tremendous growth. Notably, during his tenure at his first company, it grew from $175 million to $2.8 billion. This pattern of exponential growth continued with every company he served, whether through organic expansion or mergers and acquisitions.

Leveraging his extensive experience, John founded PPS Solutions with a mission to bring the financial expertise he honed in large corporations to smaller, growing businesses. Understanding that these businesses often lack the financial firepower of larger entities, he aimed to provide strategic partnership and administrative support to help them thrive.

Through PPS Solutions, John and his team alleviate the burdens of running a business, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on what they are passionate about: growing their enterprises. His dedication to empowering business leaders with robust financial strategies and support has made a significant difference for many small to mid-sized businesses seeking to achieve their full potential.

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